Inteli Management Systems is a software development company, founded in 2002. We quickly noticed the market specialized software in the public administration by producing software designed to provide fluentizare activities, reduce costs and increase efficiency. We are always ready to provide advanced applications and deliver them on time because of skills, knowledge, thorough analysis and responsibility necessary for successful delivery of the software. We are here to support the technological success of our client, reducing time and costs, together with functionality, consolidation and the use of software solutions. Our vast experience in a variety of tools / technologies can help our customers in choosing the best technology / platform solutions for their software.

Our vision is to create software of the highest quality that exceed customer expectations. We based on three ideas, designed with care, to guide this vision: mission, philosophy, and commitment to our customers.


Our mission is to provide applications in public administration, enabling customers to streamline their activities and fluentizeze. This mission also involves offering quality service, professionalism, addressing the time and seriously, increase productivity, unmatched performance, scalability and reliability.

We strongly believe that our mission is at the forefront when we keep our clients' objectives in mind, we offer effective and creative solutions. Our competitive advantage is our multidisciplinary approach, characterized by technological and business experience, which is supported qualitatively by programmers, project managers, and engineers specializing in data management and information technology.


Our commitment to customer  
We are committed to providing our customers the highest level of service and quality products. Come first objectives of our clients and we are fully engaged in the development of strong long term relationships. Because, innovative solutions and quality management are experienced professionals logo, we will always employ the best.

Inteli Management Systems showed more than fourteen years of innovation, offering a high quality. Throughout its history, Intel management has partnered with clients - to meet their needs, while the company's vision. To anticipate and meet customer needs, we continue to develop new technologies that are always one step forward solutions offered by competitors.