Electronic Classbook

ELECTRONIC CLASSBOOK - is a web-based application framework that aims to increase the quality of education by improving home-school partnership. The application addresses the following categories of users: parents, teachers and people from the head of school.

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Electronic Classbook application has its advantages:

SMS every day, or every week, with absences and grades received by students;
On-line Platform, at anytime, parents have the opportunity to view from home, grades and absences of children, without having to go to school or to contact teachers, all in real time, thereby maintaining control of school activities of children ;
Easier communication between parent and teacher, giving you the ability to send announcements, online messages or SMS messages from teacher to parent;
Statements and reports generated whenever required, by the School Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education (transcripts, school situations, reports on student movement, religion, etc.);

Electronic Classbook application - is safe and strict confidentiality:

Authentication is based on username and password;
Updating data is weekly;
The service is available 24 x 7;

Electronic Classbook application - is intuitive and easy to use:

Since we are aware of the importance of confidentiality, parents will be able to access information specifically related to their child's activity; Personal data provided are managed safely and only for specified purposes;
We provide maintenance services for the entire contract period;
Conducting daily back-up of information entered into the application.