TAXES is an integrated system of taxes and duties.

High-performance applications with very low processing time and provides a pleasant user exerienta due to data processing in the background providing the opportunity to use the application without interruption and without downtime to those who use it.

Offers over 70 types of reports.

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Provides anytime and accurate accounting of situations in accordance with the law.

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Allows record fixed assets of the company, calculating depreciation, revaluation of fixed assets worldwide.

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Electronical Archiving

This application allows you to create, structure, organize and access the knowledge and documents of a company. Electronic document archiving solutions require secure storage and digital conversion of physical documents.

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Agricultural Register

Preparation and accounting software for Agricultural Register is intended halls.

The program helps keep track of electronic records for Agricultural updated forms as GD 175 / 344/239/742 20.02.2007 and Order of 26.04.2007 (updated version to the latest legal regulations valid for the period 2007-2011).

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Payroll program allows you to keep track of employees;

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Program planning can appoint more than a virtual library of all documents planning department.

Contains all necessary documents department.

How to work with this program is very easy to learn the line like RegistruluiAgricol presented in this site.

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ELECTRONIC CLASSBOOK - is a web-based application framework that aims to increase the quality of education by improving home-school partnership. The application addresses the following categories of users: parents, teachers and people from the head of school.

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