The program allows managing employees in a convenient, easy and simple way.

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Technical Presentation

Payroll and accounting employees are very simple. The salary can manage employees in a convenient and easy, allowing identification of data entry, employment, benefits, dependents, and to centralize them to allow access and manipulation of multiple simultaneous users, listing reports binding and export files.


- Export declarations required for the state 112, Fiscal cards
- Exporting data to Excel, PDF, RTF
- Calculation of Wages
- Calculation of leave, medical, and of those resulting from an accident at work

Reporting and listing:

- State Payment
- List Advances
- Flyers payment
- Situations Holidays
- Situation Cards Bank
- Payroll summary
- Statement 112

Payroll program allows you to enter all data on employee reference to classification (class wage, salary negotiated low hourly wage, net and gross, bonuses, tax rate, CAS group, age, timecard, payroll advances , leave (medical, resting or without pay), types of income, types of disabilities and many others.