Integrated Taxes System
application built with modern .NET technology

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This feature is viewed in two ways:

• The technical performance of the Application: processing time of application are small, tests proving that the product exceeds competing products.

• PERFORMANCE OF A CHARGE TO USER: User has a pleasant experience in using the application, virtually no downtime waiting for the carrying out of operations. Performing long operation runs in the background, allowing users to continue working with the application.

Technical Presentation

The application provides the following functionality:

• Evidence of taxable objects and materials
• Records of taxpayers
• Establishment of all types of claims under the law
• Evidence of payment and document processing
• Information and communication with the citizen
• Evidence of another nature than the claims and processing tax payments made on their
• Operation type open / close the year
• Facilities to monitor and analyze user activity apply

OVER 70 reports including:

Statement of role
Lots register
List of balances (synthetic and analytical)
List remains (synthetic and analytical)
List of balances to increase
List of balances on penalties
Debit Report page
Summary revenues (by source)
Register only nominal role
Records of other income role
Liquidation role positions (synthetic and analytical)
Mortgage liens List
Level of collection by type of flow on a certain date
List of people reduced / exempted from paying taxes
Revenue situation the operator / center
List of amounts collected by challenging
List of amounts collected by garnishment
List of payment notices issued
Garnishment list established
Summary receipts canceled